Marketing Internship

Summer 2019


Social Media
Content Marketing


The summer of 2019, I was accepted to Penn's Global Research Internship Program, and I worked at Keru, an education and social impact startup based in Shanghai. As a program mentor, I led 15 students on two 10-day field research programs. I participated in organizing and designing the curriculums of Keru programs and other partnerships. I also worked with 2 other interns to launch Keru's Western social media marketing strategy, handling Keru's Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn content marketing. Below documents my role in launching Keru's social media and content marketing strategies.

Please contact me for more information about my experience leading field projects in rural China and creating program curriculums!

Expanding Keru's Social Media Presence

Previously, Keru's online presence was limited to WeChat, which served well initially towards a limited Chinese target audience. However, as Keru's educational programs grew in number and demand, there was a growing need to expand social media presence to Western platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook and appeal to audiences abroad. I worked with 2 other interns to develop a multi-platform social media plan.

PART 1: Understanding Business Objectives & Social Media Goals

PART 2: Competitor & Thought Leader Research

‍We each researched competitors and prominent global thought leaders, keeping note of the types of posts that had greater engagement and shares. Centering around Keru program topics like empowerment through technology, poverty in China's cities, access to clean water, and economic development, I drafted educational posts and reshares.

PART 3: Instagram Execution

‍I took lead of the Instagram account, creating a photo collection system, curating Keru visuals and scheduling posts. I worked to highlight student experiences, program activities, local partnerships, and the Keru team with a focus on social impact.